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Our Underwriting Philosophy

If you think insurers should find workarounds to cover difficult cases…the feeling’s mutual

As a mutual Society, we strive to be as inclusive as possible and do our best to help as many people as we can. Rather than immediately rejecting unusual cases, we strive to find ways to provide cover for as many people as possible. We value personal service and all our underwriting decisions are made in-house so you know when you speak to us you're talking to the real decision makers.

Our number one priority is paying claims, which is why we paid 96% of all our claims over the last 14 years and 94% of all claims in 2019. In fact, it’s our claims performance that underpins how we underwrite all of our applications. Paying claims isn’t just a headline promise, but a way our business is organised and operates to deliver and has done for over 100 years.

We will not only help your clients find the right cover, but also assist them during rehabilitation when making a claim. We provide both proportionate and rehabilitation benefits of up to 70% of your client’s annual taxable income, which allows your client to gradually return to work during their recovery.

Our dedicated team of Underwriters and Claims Assessors can easily be reached at the end of a direct dial number to ensure that decisions are made quickly and your clients get the cover they need. We are always happy to assist with any questions you may have and we welcome calls from advisers with any pre-sales enquiries.