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If you think more people should be aware of the importance of Income Protection…the feeling’s mutual


Protect Yourself against Workplace Stress

Oct. 10, 2019

Protect Yourself against Workplace Stress


Watch our powerful interview with Tom Dunning here and learn how he came back from the brink to become a mental health ‘surthrivor’.


At British Friendly we’re dedicated to supporting you, whatever life throws their way.

Your cover with us supports you if mental or physical ill health prevents you working with a weekly benefit payment designed to cover up to 70% of your income.
In July 2019 the average UK salary published by Moneywise
  • £29,400 per year
  • Equating to  £14,700 over 6 months
  • Equating to £565 per week
If people are unwell for more than 4 days their salary will often revert to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). This can be paid for up to 6 months only and equates to:
  • Less than £5,000 for 6 months
  • Less than £192.30 per week
This financial income gap will likely exacerbate symptoms of ill-health through the worry of not being able to pay their bills or keep their homes. With Income Protection you may not have to worry, by having your self covered for up to 70% of your annual salary per week for up to a period of 5 years at any one time. For extra support we also offer access counselling through our discretionary Mutual Benefits programme to help you if you ever begin to struggle with your mental health.