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Making a claim

We never forget we are dealing with people, not claims.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to managing claims. We are very aware that we are dealing with vulnerable people. We’re proud of our consistently high claims payment track record  - an average of 94% over the last 18 years. We’re even more proud that we could support people with health and wellness support, when they needed it most.


Step one - Making a claims enquiry

Your client will first need to complete a claims enquiry form on our member website here. Due to an increase in claims and enquiries, we are currently experiencing a higher volume than usual. 

To help us give the best support possible, your client will have to provide the following information in the ‘Comments’ section.

  • Their British Friendly policy number
  • Details of their illness or injury
  • Date of first absence from work due to their illness or injury and how long they’ve been off work
  • How long they expect to be off work (if known)
  • Preferred time of day for us to contact them – morning or afternoon

If you’re contacting us on behalf of a member, please explain your relationship and provide your contact details.



Step two - Discussing the claim

Our Claims Team will reach out to your client via telephone to discuss their claim. However, if they prefer not to discuss their claim over the phone, they can let us know, and we will send them a claim form for completion instead. During the discussion we may request supporting documents to help us assess the claim, including:

  • A medical certificate (if they’re claiming for more than 7 days).
  • Proof of income before they. became too ill or injured to work.
  • For a Fracture Cover claim we will only need medical evidence that confirms full details of the fracture. This should come from their Doctor or the hospital who diagnosed it. We don’t need proof of income for a Fracture Cover claim.



Step three - Assessing the claim

We will assess the evidence and confirm whether we will be able to accept your client’s claim. 

We may need extra medical evidence to support the claim. This might come from a number of different sources, including:

  • Their doctor or treating specialist.
  • Their employer.
  • A nurse telephone assessment.
  • Independent medical examination arranged by us or from other third parties.

If your client has any medical documents, they can send to us we will be happy to use these to support the claim.



Step four - The claims decision 

  • If we accept your client’s claim, we will pay their weekly or monthly benefit payment into their bank account or mortgage provider.
  • We will do this until they recover, or their benefit period ends.