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Our Products

If you want products that deliver great value for your clients and pay out when they need it most…the feeling’s mutual

  • We focus purely on Income Protection so we can provide the best cover for what we consider to be the most important protection insurance
  • We specialise in providing cover for the harder to insure such as manual workers, key workers, the self-employed and those who may find it difficult to prove a regular income, but our inclusive and flexible offering also means we can provide cover for other professional occupations as well
  • We provide a flexible and common sense approach to underwriting
  • All our products are based on own occupation which means your clients are covered if they’re unable to do the main tasks of their occupation
  • We paid, on average, 95% of all our claims over the last 16 years so you can have confidence that your clients are in safe hands with us
  • Both new and existing members have access to a range of value-added services through our discretionary BF Care and Mutual Benefits programmes at no extra cost