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Our Products

A choice of products to meet different client needs  


Our Protect Product

  • Covers a broad range of occupations
  • Provides cover for incomes up to £100,000. Choose a benefit amount from £216 up to £4,750 a month
  • Tailor your clients’ policies around their needs and budget, with a choice of:
    • Premium options
    • Deferred periods
    • Benefit claim periods
    • Post-sale flexibility


Our Breathing Space Product

  • No financial underwriting at application or claim
  • Great for clients with incomes that go up and down
  • Choose a benefit amount from £541 to £1,250 each month
  • Age-costed guaranteed premiums. These offer initial low cost premiums that rise with age
  • Choice of 1, 4, 8, 13, 26, 52 week deferred periods