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Adviser Toolkit



At British Friendly, we believe Income Protection is the most valuable protection insurance because it protects your client’s earnings when they’re unable to do their job so they can still look after themselves, their family and their lifestyle. That's why we've put together a range of support materials to help you introduce the importance of Income Protection with your clients.

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Reasons To Get Cover

Money Making Machine

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Gavin's Story

Gavin's Claim Experience

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Gavin's Bereavement Benefit

Neil's Story

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Wendy's Health MOT

Steve's Story

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Finding yourself facing objections from your clients all too often? Looking for quick ways to help you get around those tricky discussions? We've put together some quick tips to help you strengthen your recommendation for Income Protection with your clients.

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When it comes to cover for your self-employed clients - trust us to provide flexible, affordable and reliable cover.


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