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Value-Added Services

Our Income Protection policies will take away financial pressures when our members become too ill or injured to work. But we wanted to do more. That’s why we designed our Mutual Benefits and BF Care programmes.



What is Mutual Benefits?

Everyday health, wellbeing and rewards for your clients and their families at no extra cost

Mutual Benefits is a discretionary programme available to both new and existing members at no extra cost which complements your clients’ Income Protection cover with us. Through Mutual Benefits we provide access to support and rewards for your clients and their families every day whether they claim or not.

What benefits are included?
  • Clinic in a Pocket: Fast access to healthcare services for your clients and their families
  • Cash in your Pocket: A chance to win £100 cash every month

These benefits are allocated on an annual basis and are discretionary benefits which means they can be withdrawn at any time. To access these benefits, British Friendly members must be age 18 or older and UK residents. Please refer to our Mutual Benefits Terms and Conditions here and our Mutual Benefits Privacy Policy here for more details.



What is Clinic in a Pocket?

The Clinic in a Pocket app, powered by Square Health, is one of our Mutual Benefits available to both new and existing members at no extra cost. Clinic in a Pocket gives your clients and their families fast access to GPs, clinicians, physiotherapists, counsellors, specialist consultants and an annual  health check. Healthcare services include:

  • Digital GP Consultations: Unlimited sessions
  • Physiotherapy: 6 sessions per policy year
  • Mental Health Support: 6 sessions per policy year
  • Second Medical Opinions: 2 sessions per policy year
  • Health Check: 1 per policy year (only available to member)

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What is Cash in your Pocket?

Every month we’ll randomly draw 5 lucky winners for our Cash in your Pocket prize draw. Each winner will win £100. As long as they are up-to date on their premium payments, they’re in the draw. And there’s no limit to the number of times they can win.


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What is BF Care?

Financial support for your clients and their families through life-changing events

BF Care is our discretionary* benefits package. We include it with our Income Protection policies at no extra cost. BF Care allows your clients and their family to claim additional financial support during life changing events. The amount they'll receive depends on their Income Protection benefit, and the £2,000 cap we apply.

For more information, including full Terms and Conditions around eligibility and claims, take a look at our BF Care Guide, below.

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Each BF care benefit offers something different:

  • Death, Bereavement, Terminal Illness and Recovery Support Benefit provides a lump sum payment.
  • Care Assistance Benefit provides a weekly payment. 

To access BF Care your clients need to be up to date on their monthly premiums and not taking a Premium Holiday.

*We offer discretionary benefits as a way of giving value back to our members. These benefits can be amended and/or withdrawn at any time.


Take a look at the extra support we offer, below.

Death Benefit

Death Benefit offers a lump sum of 26 weeks’ worth of your client's Income Protection benefit, up to a maximum of £2,000. When your client takes out a policy with us, they can choose who we pay their Death Benefit to in the event of their death.

Bereavement Benefit

Bereavement Benefit offers a lump sum of 13 weeks’ worth of Income Protection benefit. It can be claimed once per member, as long as your client hasn't already claimed Terminal Illness Benefit. Bereavement Benefit pays up to a maximum of £2,000. Your client can claim Bereavement Benefit if their partner or spouse, or child aged up to 18, dies. 

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Care Assistance Benefit

Care Assistance Benefit pays your client a weekly benefit of £125 for up to 13 weeks for their parents or parents-in-law, or up to 16 weeks for their partner, spouse, or child up to aged 18. We’ll pay this benefit if their family member needs full time care for at least 4 weeks.

Care Assistance Benefit is available to those who have taken out their Income Protection policy between 18-54 years old. This benefit ends on the member’s 60th birthday.

Recovery Support Benefit

If your client has claimed on their Income Protection policy following an illness or injury, and received their benefit for more than 6 months, then they may be entitled to Recovery Support Benefit. This benefit pays up to £2,000, to help support your client as they return to work. 

Terminal Illness Benefit

Our Death Benefit and Bereavement Benefit also include a Terminal Illness Benefit option which is available if your client or their partner, spouse, or child aged up to 18, receives a terminal diagnosis (an illness or condition which is expected to lead to death within 12 months). A separate claim for Death Benefit or Bereavement benefit cannot be made if a Terminal Illness Benefit payment has been made. Terminal Illness Benefit pays up to a maximum of £2,000.