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Diversity and Inclusion



Diversity and inclusion is part of our overall culture – it’s a core part of who we are as a business.  We are committed to ensuring this important aspect of our culture is embedded in our processes and practices at every level of the business. We believe diversity in decision-making is a key factor in how we will deliver our strategic objectives for the Society and our members.


Diversification Statement

At British Friendly, we are committed to encouraging equality and diversity amongst our workforce. We are against unfair and unlawful discrimination and believe that by promoting dignity and respect for all and creating an environment where individual differences are recognised, is good business practice and in line with our principles.



Key Initiatives

 We’re supporting the Women in Finance Charter –

The Accountable Executive for this initiative is:

Gordon Hull, Chief Executive Officer





Gender Diversity Targets

Our Senior Management Team are the key decision makers and influencers, responsible for the creation and delivery of our business strategy.  This team is broken down into three groups:

  1. Non-Executive Directors
  2. Executive Directors
  3. Senior Leaders

As a small business, we recognise a shift in gender demographics amongst our Senior Management Team could have a significant impact on the gender diversity targets we achieve. For this reason, we believe the following 3 targets are best suited to our business:


gender diversity targets 2019_FINAL APPROVED.jpg


To ensure our business is committed to gender diversity, the remuneration of our Executive Directors and the Senior Manager Team will be linked to the delivery of key action plan milestones from 2020 onwards. Performance will be assessed through a balanced business scorecard.