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How British Friendly’s discretionary Mutual Benefits programme supports people facing Breast Cancer during the pandemic

Oct. 30, 2020

How British Friendly’s discretionary Mutual Benefits programme supports people facing Breast Cancer during the pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic there has been a significant drop in the number of people receiving diagnosis and treatment of cancer through the NHS. As it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, we wanted to highlight how our discretionary programme, Mutual Benefits, can better support your clients who are struggling to get the help they need if they’re facing Breast Cancer in addition to the valuable Income Protection benefits available to them.

Mutual Benefits was designed to provide a holistic range of benefits to our members, supporting them in both sickness and in health. Through the programme, we provide members with 150 Health Support Points annually to access any of the following health and wellbeing services through our partner, Square Health:

  • Virtual GP consultations (25 Health Support Points)
  • A second opinion on medical diagnosis (100 Health Support Points)
  • Physiotherapy (33 Health Support Points)
  • Counselling (33 Health Support Points)

These benefits in particular, provide our members with a quicker route to services they may not otherwise be able to access at the moment while NHS services face long delays and restrictions during the pandemic. Our members can also access the virtual GP consultations, second opinion service, physiotherapy and counselling through an app which allows them to book appointments and have video consultations at a time convenient for them. Members can also book a Health MOT by contacting British Friendly.

The value of a private second opinion service in particular was recently highlighted by our Product Strategist, Emma Thomson, while sharing her experience battling Breast Cancer last year in a recent Cura Practical Protection Podcast here.

As we face more uncertainty in the future due to the pandemic, it’s important that your clients know where they can turn to in their moment of need. At British Friendly, we believe it’s important to support our members whether they claim or not which is why we provide more than just Income Protection.

To learn more about our discretionary Mutual Benefits programme – click here.

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